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“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”

It’s been a long while since I last visited my blog, this site specifically, and of course the usual reason is that – I was always busy doing various kind of stuffs, either productive or not. So mainstream. But now, I decided to come back here because of an idea that came down on me as fast as the lightning in the skies. And this kind of an idea has never been brought down on me not until today.


When I checked today’s prompt, I felt like it was destined for me to put up this post that I have in my mind, based from the idea which struck me like a lightning and now, I’m gonna let you see the aftershocks.

Each one of us, we have our own precious, significant and golden time with our future ahead of which we do not know what it holds for us. Every day, every hour, every minute and every seconds, different kinds of things can happen and will occur.

There’s this war that exist on the other side of the world, terrorists as threat for a nation’s security, outbreak of some illnesses, calamities on some states, economic crisis of a country, violence, abuse, killngs – they’re all around us, whether we care or not. And among us, human beings, some are newly born today, having their first appearrance in this elliptical shaped world. Some are living, happy, sad, contented or not. Some are destined to die, after everything that they have been through. Some have died and no one else knows where they are after their years of life in this world. And there are still some human beings – newly born, toddlers, chlildren, teens, young adult and adult, struggling to fight for their lives, with their families and friends doing the best thing that they could do as long as they still have the chance to do so, for their loved ones’ goodness sake.

The bottom line is: LIFE IS IMPORTANT. Whether we see it like that or some of us don’t see or can’t see it like that, LIFE is reaallyy important. Happy or not, good or bad, comfortable or way too challenging – LIFE IS REAL and it is waaaayyy too important.


So, the reason why I am here is that, I have an intention of helping someone who is struggling for her life. I still don’t know if this will do or not, but I’m going to give it a shot.

“The smallest act of help that you can do won’t give you any harm, in fact, it is better than your greatest intention.”

This is the story:

One of the professors that we have in college department has been married to the love of her life (Paul Rush) last year and after that, they moved to USA, in Nicaragua. Obviously, Ms. Bing (Lorelei dela Cruz-Rush) had left her teaching job as a professor in the school where I’m studying here in Philippines. Both of them were now Catholic lay missionaries in Nicaragua. Ms. Bing got pregnant, but then unexpectedly, something came up. This resulted to the need for the baby to came out 3 months earlier than her expected due date through the C-section. This made the baby severely premature.

Ms. Bhing has never been my professor to teach me one of my academic subjects, so probably she don’t exactly know who I am. But I don’t see that as a hindrance for me not to care for her condition now with the baby who came out in this world at Christmas Day. And absolutely, I’m not doing this to get some attention for my own good, I’m doing this because this is the only capability that I have to help, the least thing that I could do, aside from praying to God.

I can’t discuss everything in this post, but you could know and see for yourself as to what kind of tight situation they were in right now. Here’s the FULL STORY

They are in dire need of financial help. This is Life that we’re talking about here. Baby Mirriam can recover and hopefully be fully recovered and this is not impossible through faith and for our today’s advance medical technology, but of course, everything comes with a price, specially if it’s a good service. What more, in a place like USA, everything comes in more folds compare to what we have in our country. So, I am trying to do the least thing that I can to help them because personally, I can’t help them financially. That is why I’m giving this a shot. I’m truly asking for your help, those of you who can and capable, either by prayer and practically, by helping them financially. Please let this post spread so as to make it more possible that some of you here will help them. You can click the FULL STORY again for further information. I have faith in humanity and I have faith in God. You  are blessed to be a blessing, God is aware of everything that we do, an act of kindness and generosity won’t go unnoticed by Him.

For those of you who have read this post, thank you so much for taking the time. And I pray to God that may He bless each one of you according to His will and glorious riches. Have a good day!

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

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I am a dreamer, ひさむ パワー..

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