I’ll Protect You

I’ll protect you, because I love you.


If there is one thing that keeps me moving forward in this world of uncertainties, definitely it would be you.

You’re the only certain thing that have ever happened in my life and I’ll protect you no matter what – because I love you.

I will always come back running to you, to save you and hug you tight.
I’ll always stay beside you – I’ll protect you.


Smile no matter what, it will be so much of help. 🙂

No matter what kind of circumstances you are facing right now,
It doesn’t have anything to do with your heart.
Don’t let things get into you, smile.

The dark grey clouds will soon be gone.
Smile, you must take control over your emotions.
Else, you might end up in a depressive state.
Smile, it will be much of help.

Smile and let yourself stand against all odds.

😊 Smile.