The Courage Within You

Take heart and be still. The fire is burning inside. That’s your courage. The courage within you.


Living in an inconsistent world, you stand.
Distorted noises echoing in your ears.
Your heart is quivering, undoubtedly growing weaker.
The shining flame inside you, gradually going pale.
Yet, be still and take heart.

The past have frightened you.
Sorrow and pain devouring you.
The scars and wounds, does not seem to heal.
You have come to walk through the maze and the goal is nowhere in sight.
But, be still and regret not.

Your cry is reverberating all over, deafening you.
Cry. Oh, cry a river.
Crying does not mean that you are weak.
Know that, tears are like diamonds – springing out from the windows of the depths of your soul.
Let them out, be still.

As the sun rises in the east and setting down on the west,
Sorrow and pain may last for the night and joy comes in the morning.
Toss all your fears away, my dear.
Stand up and be still.

Let the flame inside you shine so bright and Oh so great.
Unshackle the new you!
Head’s up, lift your hands and stand.
You will stumble and fall down, but you won’t be moved.

Always take heart and cheer-up.
Keep the fire burning inside you, as you launch yourself – the new you.
Full speed ahead.
The inconsistent world awaits you.
There is no turning back!

That is your courage.

The courage within you.

Author: elleaidee

I am a dreamer, ひさむ パワー..

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