One Simple Happiness

Feel the sensation. Under the starry night sky with the moon as your light, you can find your one simple happiness. 🌙🌌🌠


That very particular moment where you are just sitting pretty and relaxing,
at the corner of your room, lights off, right next to the window,
looking up at the starry night sky with the shining moon being reflected in your eyes,
breathing in, breathing out,
letting your inner piece find it’s way to overwhelm you as your thoughts drift away,
giving you solitude and a private time to let out that very gentle smile on your lips, humoring your eyes.
You are just there, no one and not even the world can judge you.
Taking off your mask, no one’s there – just you and yourself.
Treasure these moments.
They are incomparable and special.
Genuine and honest.

One simple happiness.

Author: elleaidee

I am a dreamer, ひさむ パワー..

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