You are you

The beauty and wonders inside you, a unique masterpiece.


Even gold, crystals, diamonds and rubies.
They twinkle, shine and glimmer differently.
Just like us  – human beings.
We ain’t born similar to each other.
Yet, you have your own light that shines so bright.
Let the world to see, how wonderful you are.
For you are you.

You are beautiful, inside and out and
people around you latch on to that.
You have an eternal flame inside you that never dies.
Plus a beautiful soul which is full of warmth and kindness.
Your soul is noble, pure and mature
For you are you.

You are magical.
Oh yes! You are.
That one word which describes your life is powerful and depicts everything.
You are pretty and gorgeous just the way you are.
Lift your head’s up, smile and learn to dance in the rain.
This is your life, live it just the way you like.
Just do the right things and it’ll be fine.
And nothing’s gonna stop you.
For you are you.

Your life is beautiful.
You love loyalty, hate liars and care about friendship.
You live life to the fullest for you have an undying charm and charisma inside.
You are exciting, adventurous, fun and full of love, worth living, wonderful and memorable.
Living a life that many have dreamed of.
You are you.

You are like a rose.
A symbol of all that is beautiful in this world.
A rose which showers its fragrance upon all the people around you.

You! Oh yes, you are.
You need very little in life, but what you need is truly wonderful.
You need someone who can put a smile on your face and make you laugh.
For life is all about being happy and smiling.
The key to your heart is simple yet beautiful.

You! You are you.

Author: elleaidee

I am a dreamer, ひさむ パワー..

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